What is CryptoSpaceX?

CryptoSpaceX is a first of its kind Space Strategy Battle game built on the Ethereum Blockchain.

It is a fusion of Open World Space and Blockchain based Collectible Games. Collect planets and starships, attack planets and scavenge for Stardust. Engage in several unique arenas in the CryptoSpaceX universe.

The game features several modular and fully customisable starships, battlestations and battle equipment. Build your defense base on your planets, protect your Stardust and engage in detailed space combats with planet vs planet and tournament battle modes.

Keep in mind that you are a Rebellion leader sent with one sole purpose—to build a large fleet of starships for the battle that must be. There are others around you but you must not trust—for many have already been consumed by the Evil Forces.

Build over 100 Unique Starships

With the Rebellion starships getting destroyed in a clash against the Evil Lords, the discovery of Stardust—in the mystical galaxy of Fabula offers another opportunity for Rebellion leaders to build a new fleet of starships.

Build new starships, upgrade and customise your star fleet, and command them to space combats—but remember anything you do, you will need Stardust to do so.

Under the rising threat against the Evil Forces, every breath is a race against time…


Game Features

Virtual Universe

Explore a virtual universe built on the blockchain where all in-game elements are assigned digital ownership to the players. Interact with others around you, engage in awesome space combats or take a tour of the glorious Vegastar.

Planets and Stars

Planets are where the defence base of your star fleet is located. Every player must own at least one planet to become a part of the Rebellion. Stars in Fabula emit Stardust which can be collected by planets on their surface. Planets must pay star owners to be able to receive stardust from them.

Battles and Tournaments

Engage in detailed and strategic planet vs planet battles to loot stardust. Take part in various challenges and tournaments in our special arena. Travel to Vegastar built in the Fabula galaxy to win special prizes

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